College Basketball Betting Market

Saturday College Basketball Betting Market

The week after the Super Bowl marks the time when casual bettors flood the college basketball betting market, and sometimes, this new influx of public money can lead to line value. This is especially true on the weekends when most … Read More

Market Moves: It’s put up or shut up for Oregon

There comes a time in every college football coach’s career when he needs to deliver in a big road game. Mario Cristobal took over the Oregon Ducks program in 2018 and in his inaugural season, they lost at Washington State, … Read More

Michigan was not undervalued

Market Moves: Michigan was not undervalued

Swing and a miss. That’s what happened with our assessment of Michigan last weekend in Madison. Wisconsin knocked them out with a huge uppercut in the first quarter and that was pretty much all she wrote. It felt like Michigan … Read More

Is Michigan Undervalued

Market Moves: Is Michigan Undervalued?

Every summer, several Las Vegas sportsbooks post their college football “Games of the Year.” These are bettable options for marquee games from late August all the way through the last weekend of November. So if you have a great pulse … Read More