2020 NFL Mock Draft and Best Draft Bets

As of April 1st, the 2020 NFL Draft is still expected to go on as scheduled on April 23rd. No foolin’. The NFL has made it clear that their plans are to go ahead with the draft despite the current Coronavirus situation. A number of other leagues and events have said similar things but eventually moved their events. For our sake, hopefully, the NFL stands stronger than those leagues.

One of the most fun parts of the NFL Draft is making your own mock draft and trying to predict where players will go. It is also a great event to bet on as well. The 2020 NFL Draft, which is still three weeks away, is the next event that we can bet on among the four major US sports. So for all of us betting fanatics that can’t wait, I’m going to include some NFL Draft betting options at the end of this article. A mock draft with draft betting picks all in one article? Take that ESPN, B/R, NFL.com, CBSSports.com and whoever else!

2020 NFL Mock Draft – First Round

My mock draft will just include the first round. I will update this article weekly leading up to the draft, which begins Thursday, April 23rd.

As of now, six teams do not have first-round picks in this year’s draft: Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, L.A. Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers.

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow QB – LSU

This pick is all but a lock. The Bengals will draft Burrow as they look to move on from the unsuccessful Andy Dalton era. Chase Young is the only other possible pick here but is still highly unlikely. Unless something dramatic happens in the next three weeks, you can write this one in now.

2. Washington Redskins – Justin Herbert QB – Oregon

The Redskins are going to shock the world here by passing up on the best player in the draft in Chase Young (bad move). They clearly are already looking to move on from a wasted pick on Dwayne Haskins, but nobody would bite on that joke. Not only that, but they also won’t even take Tua Tagovailoa (good move). Herbert will be better than Tua in the NFL and the Redskins will be glad they avoided that bust. However, we’ll probably look back at this pick as a missed opportunity on Young.

3. Detroit Lions – Jeff Okudah CB – Ohio State

Virtually everyone is in agreement that Okudah will be going here as the Lions look to fill the void left by Darius Slay. However, they also probably didn’t expect Chase Young to be available here either. So while I am sticking with Okudah at this point, Young could be drafted over Okudah here is the Lions decide to go best available. Also, this could be a great trade spot for the Lions to pick up additional picks.

4. New York Giants – Chase Young DE – Ohio State

Assuming the Lions don’t make a trade or take Young themselves, the Giants get the biggest break in the draft as Young mistakingly falls to number four overall. A potential franchise player to start building that defense around, the Giants could be a year away from being a real contender in the NFC again.

5. Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa QB – Alabama

The Dolphins think that they catch a break here with Tua “falling” to number five. They will be wrong. Tagovailoa will go down as one of the most over-hyped players in NFL history and in the future will be the answer to a trivia question that involves Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell.

6. L.A. Chargers – Isaiah Simmons LB – Clemson

The Chargers were hoping for Justin Herbert to still be available at this point but it didn’t happen. Since he isn’t available, I think the Chargers will go best available and take Simmons to bolster that defense. For the Chargers’ sake, hopefully, they don’t reach on a quarterback like Jordan Love here WAY too early.

7. Carolina Panthers – Derrick Brown DL – Auburn

The Panthers get a smart and solid pick here in Brown. Likely the guy they have been targeting this whole time, Carolina is unphased by the early pick chaos and potential trades.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Jedrick Wills Jr. OL – Alabama

Many probably expected the Cardinals to address that terrible defense with this pick. While they probably should, I think they realize there are just too many defense holes to address at this point an instead decide to protect the future and Kyler Murray.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – Javon Kinlaw DL – South Carolina

The offensive line is a possibility here but I think Jacksonville goes with Kinlaw instead. Calais Campbell and Marcell Dareus are gone so this will be there attempt to fill that void with a solid pick in Kinlaw.

10. Cleveland Browns – Mekhi Becton OL – Louisville

The Browns will address their most obvious issue by drafting an OL. This could be a few different linemen at this point but for now, I’m sticking with Becton. The top OL are starting to come off the board quickly.

11. New York Jets – Tristan Wirfs OL – Iowa

We could see our first wide receiver go here but the Jets won’t want to pass up on a top OL with this pick. WR is deep this year, OL not as much.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Jerry Jeudy WR – Alabama

The Raiders luck out and get another Alabama wide receiver to be their number one. CeeDee Lamb could go here as well but I think Jeudy is the better choice right now.

13. San Francisco 49ers (From Indianapolis) – CeeDee Lamb WR – Oklahoma

As the last pick could have been Lamb, this one could be Jeudy (or Henry Ruggs III). Either way, this is a scary pick here as a team coming off of a Super Bowl appearance gets the 13th overall pick and drafts a potential rookie of the year wide receiver.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Andrew Thomas OL – Georgia

Tampa Bay landed Tom Brady, do you really think will draft anything else other than a lineman to help protect him?

15. Denver Broncos – Henry Ruggs III WR – Alabama

Ruggs’ stock has been climbing but I still don’t see any team taking him over Lamb or Jeudy. Denver gets a great receiver here to help out their future franchise quarterback Drew Lock. Lock, Melvin Gordon, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton and Noah Fant make for a solid and young offensive core.

16. Atlanta Falcons – C.J. Henderson CB – Florida

Desmond Trufant is out, so enter C.J. Henderson, the best DB available. Not too many other picks make sense here unless Henderson is already ff the board. Still expect a DB to go here.

17. Dallas Cowboys – K’Lavon Chaisson Edge – LSU

The Cowboys will be looking for an edge rusher here and Chaisson falling to 17 is a gift for them. If Chaisson is gone, they may settle for A.J. Epenesa, whose stock has been dropping. Dallas will fill the void left by the departure of Robert Quinn.

18. Miami Dolphins (From Pittsburgh) – Austin Jackson OL – USC

Safety is a possibility here but I think the Dolphins go for protection for Tua instead. It is hard to predict offensive lineman picks after the first couple but Jackson is perhaps the best available here.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (From Chicago) – Kristian Fulton CB – LSU

While I think it would be a real badass move for the Raiders to draft two top receivers with their first two picks, that seems unlikely. Imagine Raiders’ fans, the next few years having Jeudy and Justin Jefferson lines up opposite of each other. Instead, the Raiders make the more logical pick to address the secondary.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (From L.A. Rams) – Jaylon Johnson CB – Utah

Jacksonville elects to try and replace Jalen Ramsey here with this pick. A.J. Bouye is also gone so a CB seems inevitable at this point.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – Justin Jefferson WR – LSU

The Eagles get a steal here in Justin Jefferson who could end up being a great NFL player.

22. Minnesota Vikings (From Buffalo) – Jeff Gladney CB – TCU

My Vikings insider (who is just my cousin) says the Vikings have a ton of issues to address in the draft but CB is priority number one. He’s been hearing whispers of Gladney going here so I have to agree.

23. New England Patriots – A.J. Epenesa Edge – Iowa

Did Epenesa have a bad combine on purpose so that he would fall to the Patriots? Those are the type of conspiracies I could see Bill Belichick involved in but I doubt that is the case. However, Epenesa does fall this far and the Patriots know how talented he really is.

24. New Orleans Saints – Kenneth Murray LB – Oklahoma

Linebacker is probably the biggest need for the Saints here. Murray will be the best available and New Orleans makes a smart and safe pick here.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Yetur Gross-Matos Edge – Penn State

Minnesota now has another pick so will they go WR, OL or Edge? My insider says either WR or Edge over OL so I like the Vikings to go with the Penn State edge rusher over a WR. There is still plenty of second-round WR talent to scoop up.

26. Miami Dolphins (From Houston) – Xavier McKinney S – Alabama

The Dolphins catch a huge break with McKinney falling way too far in this draft. If Miami somehow gets Herbet over Tua with their first pick and lands McKinney and a top offensive lineman all in the first round, damn. Otherwise, Tua ruins a near-perfect first round for the Dolphins.

27. Seattle Seahawks – Grant Delpit S – LSU

If any of the above edge rushers are available at this point, they go here. The Jadeveon Clowney situation will play a big role on this pick but I think the Seahawks take the talented Delpit as he is the best defender available at this point.

28. Baltimore Ravens – Patrick Queen LB – LSU

The Ravens always find a way to find talented defensive players in the draft and this year is no different.

29. Tennessee Titans – Joshua Jones OT – Houston

The Titans need a strong offensive line for their offensive to work. Ryan Tannehill isn’t the most mobile quarterback and Derrick Henry is the leader of this offense. WIth Jack Conklin gone, the Titans get a solid OL in Jones to help replace him.

30. Green Bay Packers – Laviska Shenault Jr. WR – Colorado

I could write a dictionary sized prediction and complaint about the Packers here. I’m still pissed we passed on D.K. Metcalf last year, THREE TIMES! I knew MVS and company weren’t enough to help DaVante Adams and the offense last year and look what happened. Now we HAVE TO draft a WR with this pick. I’ve seen Jalen Reagor and Denzel Mims as two popular picks here but I’d prefer Shenault. Actually, I’d rather we trade up for Lamb or Jeudy if I’m being honest.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Raekwon Davis DT – Alabama

After landing their WR with their first pick, the 49ers elect to fill the hole left by DeForest Buckner. Another Alabama player comes off of the board in the first round as they select Davis.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – D’Andre Swift RB – Georgia

The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL and they have the best offense as well. While they should probably go with a cornerback here, I think they elect to take the best RB instead. Why not make that offense even more dangerous?

2020 NFL Draft Bets

Odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook

Giants First Pick: Chase Young +1000

The Bengals are taking Burrow and the Redskins have made it clear they want to take a QB as well. Whether it is Tua or Herbert doesn’t matter. It comes down to is the Lions will take Young or Okudah. At 10/1 odds, I like the Lions to pass on Young and let him slip to the Giants.

Total Alabama Players Drafted in First Round: Over 5.5 +102

Currently, my mock draft has six Alabama players going in the first round. I could see as many as seven go in the first round.

Total LSU Players Drafted in the First Round: Over 5.5 +176

I also have six LSU players going in the first round. This one may be tougher as I may have stretched one Tiger into the first round but six players are certainly a possibility. The payout on this one is too tempting to pass up.

Total Clemson Players Drafted in the First Round: Under 2.5 -235

The payout isn’t huge but this is probably the best bet available. I only see one Clemson player going in the first round, two tops.

Total Ohio State Players Drafted in The First Round: Under 2.5 -380

We will have two Buckeyes drafted in the first five picks. After that, there shouldn’t be any. The only one that could possibly sneak into the first round is Damon Arnette and that is a push. If you are thinking J.K. Dobbins could go first round, stop thinking.

Total Georgia Players Drafted In The First Round: Over 1.5 +104

This one comes down to whether or not you think De’Andrew Swift will be a first-rounder. If you do, then take the Over. If not, go with the Under.

SEC vs The Field – More First Round Picks: SEC-112

This is an interesting one. 32 picks, will they be mostly SEC players or all of the other conferences combined? Seems like the field should be the correct pick, right? Wrong. Right now, I have 17 SEC players going in the first. This might end in a push but I am rolling with the SEC to get the win. If you don’t think the SEC is the best conference in football you’re delusional.

Total Pac-12 Players Drafted in First Round: Over 2.5 +166

I have four Pac-12 players going in the first round. Shenault could be a first-round stretch but I still like the other three to go in the first.

Los Angels Chargers First Pick: Defense+300

Everyone is expecting the Chargers to draft a QB with their first pick. I think they may give Tyrod Taylor a chance and draft someone like Jacob Eason in the second round. If they don’t draft a QB, they are going defense for sure. I like the +300 here that they decide to roll with Tyrod for now and draft a QB in the next round or two.

New York Giants First Pick: Defense+180

I really believe that Chase Young will fall to the Giants. If not, maybe they pass on an offensive lineman for another top defender.

Washington Redskins First Pick: Offense+350

Chase Young would be the logical pick but are the Redskins a logical team? I’m trusting that they decide to go quarterback at #2 because they know that Haskins isn’t the answer.

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